Corporate & Commercial Litigation 

What we do as Corporate & Commercial Litigation Lawyers

The Law Office of Elisa Kumadey happily represents both corporate and individual clients in all kinds of commercial disputes in court. Our job as corporate and commercial litigation attorneys is to understand the needs and interests of our clients and the industries within which they operate. Based on our understanding of the client’s business and industry, we ensure excellent outcome for all matters we handle in court on behalf of our Clients.

Our Clients have consistently hired us because we help them better in getting the results that meet the needs of their business and minimize the cost and delay of dispute resolutions by litigation. Our resolve to support businesses grow and rise above the negative effects of litigation makes us stand tall as the go-to firm for corporate and commercial litigation.

The services the Law Firm provides in this practice area include:

(a) Debt Recovery
(b) Land Litigation & Conveyancing
(c) Estate litigation
(d) Matrimonial Causes
(e) Adoption Proceedings
(f) Company, Insolvency and Insurance Litigation
(g) Labour and Employment Litigation
(h) Landlord and Tenant Litigation
(i) Human Rights Litigation
(j) Maritime Litigation
(k) Representation before Statutory Bodies
(l) Civil and Criminal Appeals