Energy & Infrastructure

What we do as Energy & Infrastructure Lawyers

As energy and infrastructure attorneys, our interest is in helping our clients succeed in these sectors despite the complex statutory and regulatory regimes. Whether our clients are looking for a permit or license to operate in the oil and gas sector, power distributions sector or to meet the local content requirements of the energy sector, among others, we offer exceptional legal services with the aim of helping them meet these requirements and do business in these sectors with ease. 

We also assist our clients in meeting the statutory requirements to building and running all kinds of infrastructural projects in Ghana. Our commitment to delivering exceptional legal services to clients seeking to operate or currently operating in the infrastructure sector is highly recommended.

Our practice in this area covers services such as: 

  • Preparation/Review of Construction Contracts
  • Preparation of Claims
  • Representation in Construction Disputes before Dispute Adjudication Boards, Arbitral Tribunals, etc. 
  • Contract Administration 
  • Preparation/Review of Performance Guarantee, Bid Guarantee, Bid Bonds, etc.
  • Assistance with Bidding for Construction Contracts or Project
  • Preparation of Particulars/Conditions of Contract and Fidic-Related Contracts
  • Corporate and Secretarial Practices for Construction firms and companies
  • Preparation of Local Content Plans/Programs