Energy & Natural Resources Law

What is an Energy and Natural Resource law?

Energy and Natural Resources  Law are mostly confused with environmental law but both have different scenarios and legal backgrounds. Contact for Best Lawyer services in Texas

Energy and Natural Resources Law is the body of law that allows for the organization of, finding, allocation, discovery, management, and ownership and the use of raw materials and energy sources that allow it to run. In simple terms, law only applies to big natural resource industries which include, oil, water, gas, and forestry.

Energy and Natural Resource law are overlapped with environmental, tort, administrative, tax, and land use law. The reason for a Natural Resource lawyer is because of the uniqueness and diversified approach for example; a client who wishes to make an offshore and onshore mineral deposit project is a unique type of business that requires a person of a similar specialization.

Who is an Energy and Natural Resource Lawyer?

An Energy and Natural Resource lawyer understands the specific and unique business realities of the client they are dealing with. They are experienced in the details and negotiations and dealings in the contracts and applications. The Natural Resource lawyer has to alert their clients to warn them of any laws that can affect their business.


Many Energy and Natural Resource lawyers have specialization in details of the mineral resources and others are skilled in handling the problems that arise in the development of mergers or joint ventures. Recently, the natural resource industry is getting more and more globalized attracting international buyers and international laws and treaties to exist which is making it necessary for lawyers to specialize in this area too.

How can we help you?

At the forefront of energy deals and regulations, we help our clients stay in the front of changes that will shape the future of the industry.

  • We provide counsel on global transactions and regulatory issues affecting energy and natural resource
  • We are often called upon to analyze and access international and local law considerations and help structure novel energy transactions.
  • We liaise between investors from the USA to Ghana on possibilities of investment
  • We work with upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas sectors as well as renewable energy, and many more
  • We represent clients on energy dispute resolution, mediations, etc.
  • We protect client’s oil and gas royalty interests

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