Family Law

What A Family Lawyer Does?

texas family lawyer law is related to legal relationships and the complexities of relationships between family members. Family relations mainly comprise parents, spouse, children, and guardians.

There are many different and technical issues among the family members such as divorce, custody of a child, marriage, child support, paternity, adoption cases, and domestic violence.

Laws relating to parental custody and abduction of a child are highly complex laws that cannot easily be understood by an average individual. A highly experienced family lawyer will help in assisting their clients in resolving all their issues and even mediate where they see is necessary. A family lawyer needs experience in the balance sheet, retirement plans, assets and liabilities, financial statements, and even knowledge regarding health insurance and wills and trusts to allow the client to completely trust their family lawyer.

Cases such as domestic violence are related to family law. A large number of divorce cases involve domestic violence. Relationships other than marriage also experience violence, such as a violent relationship between girlfriend and boyfriend and other types of relationships that involve domestic violence.

How can we help you?

As your family lawyer, we can help you with – ( Texas Family Lawyer)

  • Divorce with/without children- contested or uncontested cases.
  • Suits affecting Parent-Child relationship, securing parental rights
  • Modification of existing orders
  • Child custody, support, including arrearages and Attorney General matters
  • Visitation Schedules
  • Protective Order and Restraining Orders
  • Successfully Protected Parental Rights During CPS Investigations
  • Contempt Matters and Enforcement of Court Orders.
  • Child Custody, Support, including Arrearages and Attorney General matters

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