How to Get a Green Card in the USA?

get green card in USA

A green card in the US permits a non-U.S. resident to get permanent residence in the country. Individuals from one side of the planet to the other show willingness to get U.S. citizenship in light of the fact that a Green card will allow them to work and live legitimately in the United States. They can likewise meet all requirements for citizenship following 3 to 5 years.

A huge number of Green cards have been given by the U.S. government from the majority of the Green Cards are given to the relatives of U.S. residents. To get a marriage Green card, the first is to start a marriage relationship which must be finished by documenting a Form I-130 to the U.S. government. The person who is a U.S. resident is a sponsor or a petitioner and the person who is applying for the marriage Green Card is known as a recipient.

Becoming a U.S. citizen

For many of the foreign nationals to get better opportunities they apply for U.S. Immigration and one of the best ways to get U.S. Immigration is through marriage.

Most of the marriages are done fraudulently to get U.S. Citizenship, however, such marriages are closely monitored by the government to see whether the marriage is genuine or not.

If you have fraudulently married your spouse and the government has exposed you, you can get into some serious trouble. Getting caught means the government will remove you from the U.S. and can even ban you from entering the U.S. in the future.

After entering into a false marriage. For most foreign nationals it is an exciting idea and even an easier one to get U.S citizenship but one mistake can ban you for life. To make sure the genuineness of the marriage, the government has put a lot of tests for couples, that only true married couples can get citizenship.

Green Card in the US – Marriage

After completing the I-130 report the following stage is to mail it to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The office will answer the candidate via mail with an authority letter of affirmation under a fourteen-day time span.  

The next step the U.S. government follows is to find the spouse’s eligibility whether to give Green Card or not. For the partner currently living in the United States, for him/her the next step is to fill up Form I-485. Its main purpose is to allow the spouse to decide whether he/she is eligible or not.

Before filing Form I-485 the spouse needs to understand all the requirements that are required for filing the Form I-485. It is an expensive procedure costing around $1140 along with the proof of nationality of the person who wants a Green Card. The government also asks for proof of lawful entry in the United States to check if the person has not been involved in any certain criminal activity.

Sponsorship for the spouse who is living abroad has a different procedure than the National Visa Center (NVC). The NVC’s job is to decide whether to call the sponsor for an interview or not? To fill an NVC form a fee of $445 is required with the proof of nationality of the spouse seeking a marriage Green Card.

After all the documentation method the following stage is the interviewing process where the officials ensure that the marriage is bona fide and accomplices do adore one another. Questions are identified with circumstances like their set of experiences, what their every day exercises are, things that the two of them love and disdain about one another, and what are their arrangements. On the off chance that through interviewing the spouse the questioner gets persuaded that quite possibly the official will be endorsed for the marriage Green Card.

If the spouse applying for the marriage Green Card lives in the U.S. then they will attend their interview along with the sponsoring spouse at the nearest USCIS branch. If the spouse is applying for the Green Card from abroad then they can only give an interview at the U.S. embassy located in the country they are living. The spouse wanting a marriage Green Card will then get a visa stamp in their passport that will allow the spouse to travel to the United States without any hurdle. But the spouse has to pay a fee of around $220 before the Green Card is issued.

Procedures for Refugees, victims of crime, and abuse:

There are different Green Cards for different people such as Humanitarian Green Card includes refugees, Human-trafficking victims, Crime victims, and Abuse victims.

USA Green Card for Refugees

Minorities who face persecution in their home country can apply for a Green Card in the United States. Refugees are required to live in the United States for one year then after that, they can apply for a Green Card.

USA Green Card for Human-Trafficking victims

People who get trafficked to the United States can also apply for a T-visa for up to four years. Their only requirement is to help the government to find the culprits behind human trafficking. To qualify for a green card, you have to live for three years in the United States.

The victims are also required to fulfill all the eligibility criteria, which include the applicant must have a good moral character, should not having been involved in any criminal activities, which can reduce their chance of getting a Green Card.

USA Green Card for Victims of Crime

Victims of any mental or physical abuse can apply for a Green Card in the United States. The only way to seek protection is to get a U-visa. The victim of crime to obtain a U-visa needs to help the government by helping them find the culprits.

Eligibility criteria for a U-visa are as follows:

  • The applicant must be living in the United States for almost three years before applying for a U-visa.
  • They don’t have to leave the United States if they want USCIS to approve their application.
  • They should help the government in finding the criminals otherwise the government will not approve them for U-visa.

What is an Immigrant visa for a fiancé(e)?

A fiancé(e) visa in other terms is also called a K-1 visa. The criteria to get a fiancé(e) visa is to typically get in a relationship of at least two years. The spouse living outside of the United States has to marry their partner within 90 days after entering the country.

A Fiancé visa is different from a marriage Green card, where the fiancé(e) needs to focus on two important things to get immigration to the US:

  1. The spouse can enter through a K-1 visa and marry in the United States.
  2. Another way is to marry outside of the United States, and then the spouse, who is a US national can sponsor the other spouse.

If you are considering applying for a marriage-based green card, the Law Office of Elisa Kumadey can help you. With professional help, we make it easier for you to complete your application.

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