How to Sponsor a Work Visa in the US?

Sponsor Work Visa USA

The US being a world economic leader provides numerous opportunities to individuals from one side of the planet to the other. In any case, finding a new line of work in the US isn’t that simple which requires a long process of documentation. So, if you are a foreign national keen on finding a new line of work in the USA you need a work visa through sponsorship from your manager for the government to allow you to work in the USA. You can either get a temporary work visa or an employment-based green card. There are various types of temporary work visas each having an alternate time allotment which indicates an ideal opportunity for each worker. The employment-based green card is distinctive which permits a foreign worker to be considered as a permanent resident because of their work status.

USA has a huge platform for sponsoring work visa and most of the applications for H1B visas, which are nonimmigrant visas that allow the US employees to temporarily hire foreign nationals in different occupations, which are mostly, IT departments relating to Computer Systems Designs, Technical consulting services, Teachers or professors for colleges and universities and Architectures, etc.

What is a Work Visa?

To understand how sponsoring is done we need to understand what is a work visa. A work visa gives a foreign national the ability to take a job other than the one in which one is a citizen. One is to require the holder of a visa to have a local employer sponsoring him/her and immediate return to their home country when he/she losses the job.

  • H-1B visa is well known to individuals who apply to the US for jobs. To obtain an H-1B you must have an offer of an employment letter from your employer who is sponsoring. Your employer can only sponsor you for the job if he/she files an I-129 petition under US Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • O-1 immigrant visa is only granted to those who are extraordinary in their fields having experience and knowledge. To prove you are required to meet six prongs.
  • The L-1A (Intra-company Transferee) is a nonimmigrant visa granted to those who already working under the same organization but in a different branch located in another country. The individual will be employed by the same employer continuously for 1 year within the three preceding years.

 What is a Sponsor?

It is not an easy task to find a job in the US. To get the job, the employer must be willing to hire you. The company that wants to hire you must know that you are not a US citizen or Legal Permanent Resident.

Sponsor is simply a proposal from the employer working in the US, who is willing to let you work in his/her company by giving proper documentation to the US government. It is not a single sponsorship letter but the document includes different forms and letters with full information of the employee.

The actual part in the employment based sponsorship is to justify why the employer wants to hire a foreign employee. US itself has a large number of skilled labor, so why not hire the US citizens? Without answering this question the employer cannot sponsor a foreign employee.

For sponsoring the employer needs to post ads and to submit related documents to US administration. Firstly, the employer will be asked to post a job for local residents and if no one responds in a certain amount of time then the employer can sponsor a foreign national. This will imply that the US residents or LPRs were not accessible or talented for that position. At that point, the US employer can legitimize recruiting a foreign employee.

It ought to be your utmost priority to get into contact with an Immigration lawyer. To get more opportunities and facilities, many individuals apply in the US to find a new line of work. The employer also shows interest to sponsor skillful staff for work from abroad. Elisa Kumadey being a specialist in Immigration law will offer you the best guidance on how to sponsor a Work Visa in the US.

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